Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sony Introduces Slew of New Products

At its product line showcase in Las Vegas, Sony today has introduced a wide range of consumer products due out this spring and fall. Among the many introductions: The BDP-S300, a $600 Blu-ray Disc player that costs 40 percent less than the company's first player (which shipped just three months ago).
Sony also showed seven Bravia HDTVs, all of which will work with Sony's already announced Internet Video Link module (for accessing Internet content via your TV), and seven new home theater systems.
The company got a jump on next week's Photo Marketing Association show by announcing a bevy of new cameras. All of the cameras are being billed as capable of high-definition output via a direct hookup to an HDTV using an optional component cable. The camera announcements include two new Cyber-shot T-series cameras (both 8-megapixel models, with the DSC-T100 sporting a 3-inch LCD, and the DSC-T20 a 2.5-inch screen); three new W-series cameras (including the DSC-W200, billed as the "most compact 12-megapixel camera in the industry"); and two H-series cameras, the first camera line from Sony to feature the company’s new sports shooting mode.
I'll be seeing these products and more at Sony’s event, and will post more thoughts later today.

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