Sunday, April 27, 2008

IBM for IntelliStation POWER workstations

IntelliStation POWER SeriesFor designers of large, complex 3D models—from aircraft to autos to locomotives—IBM offers 64-bit UNIX-based IntelliStation POWER™ systems. They feature 1-2 way SMP, exceptional floating-point performance, powerful graphics accelerators, and enterprise-level reliability and availability using industry-leading AIX 5L™. IBM BladeCenter HC10The IBM BladeCenter® HC10 ushers in revolutionary server-based computing technology for workstation applications by offering high security and manageability, while delivering outstanding graphics performance and full USB capability. Built-in features are ideal for engineering design applications (CAD), trading floor and other financial applications, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) applications, distance collaboration and more. IntelliStation Pro SeriesIntelliStation Pro workstations are no longer available. If you require support for these workstations, please visit the IBM IntelliStation Pro Support site.

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